Assessment and Results

We believe that effective assessment provides information to improve teaching and learning. To do this in our school, we undertake two different but complementary types of assessment: assessment for learning and assessment of learning.

Assessment for learning (formative assessment) involves the use of assessment in the classroom to raise pupil achievement. It is based on the idea that pupils will improve most if they understand the aim of their learning, where they are in relation to this aim, and how they can achieve this aim (i.e. to close the gap in their knowledge).

Assessment of learning (summative assessment) involves judging pupils’ performance against national standards. Teachers may make these judgements at the end of a unit of work, of a year, or of a key stage. Test results, too, describe pupil performance, in terms of levels.

We give our children regular feedback on their learning so that they understand what it is that they need to do better. Research has shown that their involvement in the review process raises standards, and that it empowers pupils to take action towards improving their performance. Pupil progress meetings between staff are held three times a year.

For full details please see our Assessment Policy.

Results/Data 2016

EYFS (Reception children) % of children achieving “Good Level of Development” GLD
77.8% 69.2%



KS1 Teacher assessment % of children who achieved or exceeded the new government standard
  Achieved Exceeded Achieved Exceeded Achieved Exceeded Achieved Exceeded
SCHOOL 75% 37.5% 62.5% 12.5% 62.5 25% 50% 12.5%
NATIONAL 74.1% 23.6% 65.5% 13.3% 72.7% 17.8% 60.3% 8.9%



  READING WRITING (teacher assessment) MATHS GPS (grammar, punctuation, spelling) RWM combined
  Achieved Exceeded Achieved Exceeded Achieved Exceeded Achieved Exceeded Achieved Exceeded
SCHOOL 79% 7% 72% 14% 72% 0% 93% 7% 57.1% 0%
NATIONAL 66% 19% 74% 15% 72% 17% 72% 22% 53% 5%



KS2 Progress data
  Scaled score Progress score Scaled score Progress score Scaled score Progress score Scaled score
SCHOOL 103.2 – 3.8 NA -3.5% 103 -3.3 104%
NATIONAL 102.6   NA   103   104


Archived Results



  •  Percentage of children who achieved level 4 or above in reading 100%; writing 63%; maths 88%; combined RWM 63%
  • Percentage of children who improved by 2 or more levels in reading 100%; writing 71%; maths 86%
  • Percentage of children who achieved level 5 in reading 50%; writing 25%; maths 25%; combined RWM 25%
  • No level 6 achieved in any of the subjects


  • Percentage of children who achieved level 2b+ or above in reading 89%; writing 44%; maths 89%
  • Percentage of children who achieved level 3+ in reading 11%; writing 11%; maths 0%.


  • 88% of children reached a good level of development achieving expected level in the early learning goals (ELG)

Results 2014

KS1 P2 Comparative England 2014

KS2 Comparative England 2014

Results 2013

KS1 P2 Comparative England 2013

KS2 P2 Comparative England 2013

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