At St Andrew’s School we expect the children and staff to be happy, confident and at ease. We believe a healthy balance between rewards and punishment exists. We encourage everyone to implement rules fairly and consistently and foster good behaviour in a positive way to promote an atmosphere of hard work, care, commitment and responsibility. We make it clear to children that the behaviour is unacceptable not the child and we operate a zero tolerance towards negative behaviour between individuals.



  • To value and appreciate one another and to acknowledge that everyone has a part to play within our school community
  • To develop self discipline, the ability to learn independently and work co-operatively
  • To listen with respect to one another and be conscious never to damage another’s self esteem
  • To foster a caring attitude for the school environment including the building, inside and outside, equipment and personal belongings
  • That all who work in or visit our school will exhibit behaviour in keeping with these aims and our ethos, acting as role models to the children by their example.

These are positively worded to remind children of what they are supposed to be doing. They have been formulated by children and staff. Where necessary reasons are given, especially where health and safety needs to be understood.

General School Rules
  • We walk about the school and building unless told to do otherwise e.g. PE lessons
  • We care for the school and each other’s property
  • We use quiet voices inside the school building so as not to disturb others
  • After breaks children go straight to classrooms
  • For safety reasons during breaks children ask permission to enter school
  • The use of computers is forbidden unless an adult is present.
Class Rules
  • Stay in your seats
  • Listen to one another
  • Don’t shout out
  • Look after one another’s property
  • Walk around the class quietly

For full details of our Behaviour Management Systems please see our Behaviour Policy.