Key Stage Two

Yr 5/6 Enjoying the Sunshine

We are in the garden using the new gazebo and enjoying the spring sunshine. We were learning and reciting verses from The Highwayman.

Yr 5/6 making Greek pots

This term we have been studying Ancient Greece and how historians use pictures on artefacts such as pottery to see what life was like.

We looked at different shapes of vase that were used in ancient Greece, including ‘Amphora’ for storing wine and oil and ‘Krater’ used for mixing wine with water. We also looked at different decoration methods called Red Figure and Black Figure and repeated patterns used on Greek vases.

The class made pots from air-drying terrcotta clay and shaped rims, bases and handles, attaching them to the main body using the scratch and slip technique. The children then decorated these using Black Figure decoration.


Yr 5/6 making papyrus and writing in hieroglyphics

Year 5 and 6 Shawod Puppet Animations


 Years 3-6: Look at what we have been doing

In Key Stage Two we sometimes work in Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 and at other times we work together as a Key Stage.