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Safeguarding is effective.

Online Safety

At St Andrew’s School, we recognise that using the Internet is an essential skill and is an important part of learning. As many children have access to the Internet at home, we would like to encourage the use of this resource, while reducing the risks of the on-line world.

In school, we have a range of security measures, including filtering of unsuitable websites to ensure the safety of pupils. All children receive appropriate e-safety education in-line with our e-safety policy. We recognise that children also need to be safe on-line outside school and we are committed to helping parents and carers in supporting their children to use the Internet in a safe way.

Below are a number of websites that give advice and guidance to support safer internet use at home:

An online portal designed for parents to access simple, easy and practical advice about online safety from pre-school to teens. It provides tips on protecting children from online grooming, cyber-bullying, privacy, identity theft and inappropriate content. Includes a Parental Controls guide which provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up parental controls on all the devices used by your children. Highly Recommended. – The place to report inappropriate behaviour on the Internet

A safe search tool which also includes a section on staying safer online.

Remember, that whilst a child can be educated on the safest way to use the Internet, it is impossible to make it 100% safe. Therefore it is important that if your child is uncomfortable with anything they see on-line, they should be encouraged to report it to an adult at home or at school.