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St Andrews CE VC Primary School was last visited by HM Inspectors in February 2013. As well as lessons and parts of lessons being observed, the pupils were observed during assembly, break and lunchtimes. Samples of their work were also inspected.
Read the full report – St Andrews Ofsted Report 2013
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Quotes taken from the report

“Children make a good start when they join in Reception. The opportunities made to teach them as a separate group mean that their needs are met well and they make good progress, particularly in their personal, social and emotional development.”

“Pupils identified as disabled and those who have special educational needs are supported well and make similar progress to their classmates. This is also the case for the few pupils for whom the school receives the pupil premium and those from minority ethnic groups.”

“Teachers give pupils good independence in their learning and encourage pupils to think for themselves.”

“Pupils’ behaviour is outstanding. This is confirmed by the views of parents and carers, governors and staff. All also agree that they feel exceptionally safe in school. A major strength in pupils’ behaviour is their attitudes to their learning. Behaviour in lessons is almost always exemplary and they work keenly and enthusiastically.”

“The school has fostered extremely good relationships with parents and carers, who are very supportive and positive about all aspects of the school.”

“Governors are well aware of the strengths and areas for development for the school, much of this gained from their personal knowledge as they are regular visitors. There is a good programme of planned visits, each with a focus to improve this knowledge. They support well and their knowledge and expertise enable them to provide good levels of challenge.”

Paper copies of all documents are available from the school office on request.